What are some problems with existing matrimony sites?

What are some problems with existing matrimony sites?

Dear Matrimonial Seekers and my readers welcome to my blog regarding current dating website and matrimonial sites which are running based on various profiles. While writing about this blog I have completed my 12 years of journey with the matrimonial search for my clients, families and prospective candidates. With over great experience with them I found this is quest of searching for more options given rise to matrimonial companies and dating websites. So today let’s understand about how these matrimonial sites are working and why?

Your quest for more options

Frankly speaking matrimonial search is something to ask and expect more from other perspective person rather then what we are. As we mentally feel that unless we do not see more options, we can get right life partner. So, it is need of an hour to see lots of bio-data, profiles and snaps over matrimonial website. Now your quest is their business and your need for more is your own trap. Basically, matrimonial website does not select or genuinely check the data uploaded by the people over website. They believe more profiles means more search and more search means one client stick to website for a greater number of minutes. It is basically they need your time which gives them profit. Better share price in share market as well. First we need to decide what we are looking is factual or hypothetical. Say, you are looking a person from the good educational background. But meaning good education means what? Only degrees or only better collages or better person also. Selection of a partner only possible when all factors match. Also, we need to decide one thing to select right partner there is no need to see more options.

Advance search and Basic Search

Now as you can see and scroll for many profiles as you get register yourself. Websites are giving you advance search and basic search based on castes, creed, age, height, age, education, income etc. Now, you would like to see profile which fits best in your criteria and you approach them or either they sent you request. They show interest and based on that further packages one needs to take to view contact numbers and Email Ids. You are paying for bulk numbers even you need only 10 numbers or less then that. So, you have to enrol yourself for at least for three months. Rest you become habituated to look at the more profiles. You scroll them show an interest have chat and no further concrete decision. It works like as real video game with the real people.

Website never check credentials and Genuity

If we take current case study of Shraddha murder case. Aftab Punawala has found her from dating application and he was having steady relationship with her. According to sources he has 80 other relationships apart from her. So, if we can see such recent case studies, we get an idea that real credentials for the profile never checked by this website. Same is applicable with the social media as well. As both of them need more people on their platform to use them always ready to accept the details upload by a register member. They take some registration fees as well to stay for a year or so. Hence, it is a number game and once needs to understand that we do not need to look to many profiles and options to get align with someone. But it is only right search for right candidate through right platform is needed. Like as personalised matrimonial services.

Number of profiles are more with indecisiveness

Such matrimonial website now a days dump with lots of such people who are in real do not want to take matrimonial decision i.e., marriage call. But as with use of more technology we are detached with our own family and friends.Out station relocation or overseas relocation increase which also have increased loneliness and matrimonial website is easier to connect with people. Though they are unknown we connect with them through various platforms like social media, dating application and matrimonial website as well. And these sites never check on actual marriage decision one can make if they meet someone for matrimonial. As it has clearly mentioned that you have to check credentials by yourself. And your meeting will be at your own risk. Such working ethics of big fat matrimonial sites have given rise in external affairs also. Hiding reality and personality with the prospective candidates.

Time Consuming but fascinating

Such websites have great Artificial Intelligence and presence of the snaps in profile that you will stick to platform to look at to more options. Also, you feel fascinated and feeling proud as it shows lots of options for you. Unknown people sent you request, interest by looking at the data and your snaps. Sending and approaching you to connect that will feel you more proud and satisfy your Ego. But you spent lots of time in searching lots of profiles. But end result will be zero. As people mostly do timepass to connect each other and rejecting profiles based on no feedback or reason.

Your Acceptance for your own rejection

According to psychology you may find 5 to 7 people with whom you can connect and want to align as a life partner. But as we are looking for so many options at a time. Our expectation increase too much and we want more people to be accepted your details and profile. As you are spending money also on such matrimonial websites you want them to perform in terms of acceptance of your profile and meetings. But they are just platform. As we can buy good bed in exchange of money but not sleep. Same way you may get profiles but there is no guarantee of acceptance and meetings. Hence, it is important to go with the known circle, society and references for partner search. Your lack of acceptance for your own rejection is quite big as your Ego is screaming. That is how you are sticking to such website more n more with the expectation of YES from prospective side. Already our life is quite complicated because of intervention of technology and mobile phones. We make it more complicate by not understanding facts.

Frankly speaking matrimonial is very personal matter and it has to happen in personal way. Here the use of the technology is useless. As we connect so many but why we also do not have an answer. We fall with wrong people and experience that again lead to negative mindset.

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