Wedding Portal for Affluent Class in India

Wedding Portal for Affluent Class in India

There is no shortage of online matrimony websites in India. All of them have a huge database with them, which seems to be a good thing first, but hold on!! A huge database or a large number of profiles means there is a lot of junk out there which you may not wish to look at. Choosing a soul mate is a personalized thing. It is often confusing how so many portals are available to serve such a personalized matter!! Moreover, if you belong to a niche or an affluent class of the society, then it becomes a hell of a task to find a good match online. There has been a vacuum of Wedding Portal for an affluent class that can serve this niche category and its peculiar requirements. People with a rich background and high on resources are fed up with all the portals and their promises where no personalized attention is given to people searching for their soul mates.

Our founder Ms. Purvangi Shukla, a life coach, took this as a challenge and introduced Affluent Vivah. An exclusive matrimonial portal designed as per the needs of only the rich and famous. She has worked in different matrimonial portals in the past and some of them were leading ones of India and found the absence of personalization. These matrimony websites do robotic stuff only. They record the details and preferences. Where ever the software finds the checkbox ticked, the profile becomes a suggestion for you. And that’s irritating, right? How come the software tells you the emotional match?

Elite Matrimony Portal in India

Ms. Shukla has crafted Affluent Vivah as an online yet 100% personalized matrimonial website. Her idea was not to become another “me too” matrimony portal in India. The first thing she did in Affluent Vivah is to get rid of the computerized algorithm. We make sure that every elite profile we have should be given a personal touch. Once the user gets registered, we do a one-on-one meeting with the bride/groom to be and with the family members. It enables us to understand more about the family, their lifestyle, and values. These are totally absent in other portals. With this approach, Affluent Vivah led by Ms. Purvangi Shukla has become the leading Elite Matrimony Portal in India.

We understand the matchmaking in India is not only about the two people tying the knot together. It is about the families, their values, lifestyle, culture, and more. Hence, we do not shortlist any profiles before doing a thorough background check. It might sound rude, but if we do not find the background information satisfying enough, we may have to say nothing but sorry. Once we have the details and preferences on all the parameters stated above we find a suitable profile shortlisted by the same method. Since we met both, the chances of the two families getting together increased.

Affluent Vivah is one wedding portal that is committed to provide end to end solutions to your matrimonial needs. From finding the soul mate to planning the marriage we are with you 24*7. We have our own network for planning destination weddings so you need not think too much about the planning part. Once you find the soul mate, enjoy the golden period. That’s why we are the leading Elite Matrimony Portal in India.