Top 10 ways to choose the right life partner

Top 10 ways to choose the right life partner

In this digital era and with the growing education and international exposure make this process is more tiresome. There are a few important points one has to keep in mind while searching for a partner so here I am sharing top 10 ways to choose the right life partner.

Terminology and the meaning of partnership have changed a lot more than earlier ones and hence there are top 10 important points one has to take into account before entering into the search process. Understanding the self and partner preferences decide what kind of partner you would like to go for. Important is you must know the reasons for getting aligned with someone and the responsibilities of this partnership deed. This partnership between you and your future partner depends on Emotional, practical and lifetime involvement. Being a psychologist, I am dealing with many relationship issues and if one can take care before inception and enter into the search process. Let's talk about the Top 10 ways to choose the right life partner you need to take care of while the search for a life partner.

Top 10 ways to choose the right life partner

A wisely select search platform

Currently, many dating and matrimonial websites are flooded with the bio-data and profiles of prospective brides and grooms. But genuine profiles and databank is a big question mark. Even nowadays many people used those websites for dating rather than search a partner and getting aligned for marriage. Most of the data registered are free and not verified. As it is hard to verify an individual’s intention for the real requirement of marriage or just dating. Before selecting a website or any search platform one has to see how many genuine profiles and databank available? Who runs the matrimonial business and what would be the passion behind being in this business? It clarifies which kind of families and prospective candidates those are registered. Dating websites or online portals give tremendous amount of data but in real how many people or candidates are interested to take final call?

Large Databank

As all online portals are claiming number of large databank but large data never solve purpose for searching life partner. In fact searching in many profiles confused and not giving right information regarding the selection of right candidate. But in fact large databank takes more time for exploration and one wrong meeting may affect mindset to put trust on unknown person. It looks goody but not solving a purpose of matrimonial alliance.

Partner Preferences

In any matrimonial search important is your desired partner preferences. What kind of preferences you have and person you would like to select. Based on the selection you may choose bio-data and see people in person. But if your preferences are very selective specific to certain criteria. You may find issue with the real databank. But if you can double check with your selection criteria whether is real or hypothetical it will help to get connect with people. Top 10 ways to choose the right life partner says that your partner preference should be the first important step towards your journey for searching a partner.

Real Bio-data vs Fake Bio-data

In many matrimonial sites we found people put their details may mislead one or more attractive one. A bio-data may look so good on paper but it may have different reality picture. Also, credentials are important while looking at bio-data and then rather just having attraction to it one has to double check the given details and credentials.

Do you want to search through AI (Artificial Intelligence)

It is kind of experience of an Auto pilot mode. Like your airplane flies on auto mode and not human intervention. As in this digital era we forget that we made machines not machines made us. But now searching of the right candidates are also based on Artificial Intelligence. And hence one is getting all types of many data may come into selection or may not. No human intervention means no emotions. And going through such data bank mislead the whole search process.

Choose platform with human interaction.

Search of life partner or making family or getting married is a human work of involvement.  But if you are searching through your scroll screen here n there on multiple websites give you lots of suggestions, it may satisfy your wish of talking with someone but difficult to get it converted to your Success Story. As you align yourself with human not with AI (Artificial Intelligence) hence if you use platform based on human interaction will help you a lot in dealing with databank. As a middle person deal and talk with the many prospective candidates and people and their suggestions will lead you towards right direction. So the important part to have Personalised Matrimonial Service on which one can rely.

More Bio-data never solve purpose

Until I look to many bio-data or exploring more how come I get align with someone? This is very common question in many people’s mind. But reality is you need 7 to 10 matching details in which you can meet them and select them as a life partner. Understand one of the psychological facts as a life partner one only can gel with the maximum 5 to 7 people with whom they like to spent their whole life. So, what is the point in looking hundreds and thousands of profiles?

First Meeting

Top 10 ways to choose the right life partner we include that many prospective candidates become judgemental by looking at the bio-data and profile pictures. Most of them have more focus on how one looks and as we must like someone by looks. But until you meet someone one can’t understand person’s mentality, ideology and persona. Most of the cases nowadays people shoot their photo upload on social media as it gives them tremendous satisfaction. But you need to understand that one should get marry to a person not his or her snaps. So rather judging someone from a snap have one meeting and decide how would like to proceed ahead.

Parents – Guardian and Guidance

Our parents are our guardians and they are also our emotional guidance system. They brought up us and they are only people who can guide us for better life partner. Rather first meeting done by you directly rather take help of your parents and let them interact with the prospective parents. As we are dealing with more unknown people only faith and connections become helpful to take further decisions for future.

Be Realistic

If you are thinking that you are looking for more bio-data and profiles will give you right partner you may be wrong! But you need to understand who you are why are you looking for life partner? What are the purpose of getting married? If you have confirm answers for all above questions then start looking for bio-data. But if you are not sure why you want to get marry or you want to get marry just there is peer pressure then you need to think twice. Also, be realistic with your partner preferences and talk to yourself.


Well, we have discussed Top 10 ways to choose the right life partner, if you think that this was help you to understand the important of choose the right life partner than share this blog OR if you have any queries related to this article send us your query to [email protected], At affluentvivah we help you to find your right soul mate.

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