Tips to Create an Impressive Matrimony Profile

Tips to Create an Impressive Matrimony Profile

There is one saying in English " First Impression is the Last Impression" and before you reach people, your profile reaches them. Well-groomed matrimonial profiles attract more quality people. The more people you will meet the chances of getting a suitable life partner will increase.

Matrimonial sites help you find the right matches according to your skillset and requirement. You should approach agencies having a large client database and good reviews. One of such good agencies is Affluent Vivah. On one side where most of the agencies are working on an AI-based model, Affluent Vivaah focuses on the personal aspects and specific requirements of each client. Experts at Affluent Vivaah personally check each and every profile and try to find the best suitable matches considering their needs.

Follow the below tips to make your matrimonial profile more attractive.

Provide Authentic Information about yourself 

No matter how hard you try still you cannot make an ugly person naturally look good. Similarly, If you try to impress someone with fake information then it may happen that this can get you some initial impressions or meeting opportunity sometimes, but in the end, the person will not marry you. So we request you to please provide true information about yourself.

Use good language

No matter how good your content is, but you should be able to present it well and in an interesting way so that the front person understands and reads it fully. Many websites and persons provide services for personal writeup such as about me, etc, but keep the information straight and simple. You can write a little about yourself,  about your family and what are your likes and dislikes, etc. Never write about the type of person you want in this section. This sounds demanding and has a negative impression of your personality.

Expressive Profile

Try to make your profile more attractive and simple. Keep proper apparel and suiting background to the picture. In order to make the profile expressive, just try to highlight the significant areas that describe your personality. Add your hobbies, your liking and disliking, height, age, and all the stuff that you find most interesting in yourself. The better you describe yourself the best response you will get.

Partner Preferences

Never sound too demanding or choosy. don't write directly that " I am looking for a fair bride/groom, who is beautiful/handsome, career-oriented, earns well and who can take good care of my family”. People will see you as more demanding and greedy person and this will ultimately increase your “Decline Request”. Better than this is that you can write about how you would want someone who is independent, caring, loving, who shares similar religious beliefs, someone who is a family person and is compatible with you, etc.

Pictures are the heartbeats of matrimony profile

For making profiles on online matrimony sites the most important need is good pictures. Do not upload passport-type photos, it is not a job portal. Try to click photos with professional instruments like DSLR cameras etc. A picture in a decent dress with your own house in the background looks more natural and appealing to the viewers. Don’t upload photos just for uploading try to pick good quality photos.

Being Self Centric is a BIG NO

It is true that the matrimonial profile is all about you, but don’t be too specific about it. Don’t be too specific about caste, religion, cultural aspects, etc. Be flexible so that a person seeing your profile will feel free to initiate interaction with you.

Final Words

We hope that you understood nicely, how you can create an Impressive Matrimony Profile on our matrimonial site. Check our other blogs for more insightful information like this. Contact us for more details.