The Age of Online Matrimony

The Age of Online Matrimony

Is finding a perfect life partner on matrimonial sites is only a myth? This is the question the pops up frequently among people who are looking for their better half. The answer is - A big No! With a lack of time in everyday life, more and more people started finding their life partners on the matrimonial portal. When most of the goods and services are being searched and bought over on the Internet then why not Online Matrimony. Over past decades, everything going digitalized or online in India hence, the concept of finding a life partner over the internet is also widely accepted. Earlier people do not expect positive results from these websites but with the rise of portals like Affluent Vivah, people have developed faith in this method. In India several reputed and trustworthy websites have efficiently serving eligible people hence, more and more eligible people started registering on these sites.

However, some people think that it is a very time consuming and complicated process, yet some think it is embarrassing, some think it is not safe and filled up with fake creep profiles. As a responsible stakeholder of the industry, Affluent Vivah would not deny these claims. However, it doesn’t mean all online matrimonial websites are cheating or wasting time. We feel it’s high time to debunk these misconceptions with a trusted brand in place. Various research shows that over the last few years, people started finding their soul mate on the matrimonial website hence, the Matrimonial industry in India has become so popular and growing so well. The average growth of the Indian Matrimony industry is increasing between 20 to 30 percent every year and expected growth for the coming financial year would be 50 percent.

How Matrimonial Portal can be useful?

Affluent Vivah is the leading matrimonial matchmaker with hundreds of success stories. We realized that big brands of online matrimony do have a huge database of profiles but they lack any personal attention. The people from these Matrimonial Portal brands never meet you, they don’t understand your daily lifestyle, hence they never able to deliver the result as expected.  On the other hand, we provide personalized matchmaking to the eligible people. Let’s take a deeper understating about what you exactly need to do to prove these myths wrong and search love of your life over the internet:

1) Provide genuine information about

2) Set appropriate partner preference

3) Update your profile on a regular basis

4) Be flexible to meet people 

5) Create trust on your matchmaking consultant 

6) Take premium membership, if required.

7) Enroll with a trustworthy website like Affluent Vivah

8) Choose personalized matchmaker

9) Do a thorough background check of your appointed matchmaker

To conclude, myth is only a myth. But one should always be cautious enough before trusting matrimonial sites completely. Affluent Vivah is the exclusive online matrimony that serves the customized needs of elite class society. Our personal touch is unmatched in the entire industry. To get your ideal match, Affluent Vivah is the matrimonial portal at your service. No fake profiles, no fake promises! Only personalized matchmaking where our team of experts cross-checks each information of each profile.