Professional NRI Marriage Bureau


When you are single and are of eligible age to get married, you are constantly on a ‘hunt’ for the right match for you. This search is fear mixed with excitement, but you enjoy it anyway. The curiosity to meet your prospective life partner and to have that first chat with him or her is always one of the most awaited and loving moments of life. But sometimes, the wait is longer than one’s expectation, in the case of many people. This is when they wonder if there were a mediator who would simplify the search!

Whether you have just become an eligible bachelor or have been long searching for your soul mate, you got the handiest agency around in the form of Affluent Vivah. The agency has a long list of matches for every type of marriage aspirant. So whoever you are, you are most likely to find your life partner with the help of Affluent Vivah and be lucky, just as many other bachelors who are living a happy married life today.

That’s not all; the matches you find here are not just Indians but also NRIs. The agency has helped many adult boys and girls meet their NRI brides and grooms and they have successfully settled abroad with their partners. That’s why they call Affluent Vivah the best for NRI matrimony.

Significant attributes about the matches:

There are many attributes that make Affluent Vivah so important and highly preferred. One of the most noteworthy attributes of this agency is its database. The agency’s database of candidates eligible for marriage is not only large but it also has boys and girls coming from respected and affluent families.

You should not be surprised if you see many NRIs who have registered themselves with this agency. Affluent Vivah has crafted an incredible reputation over the years and has earned the recognition of NRI marriage bureau. The marriage aspirants under the database of Affluent Vivah are either from businessman families who are settled in India or abroad, or are those with high paying jobs overseas.

This is the reason your possibility of meeting and tying the knots with an NRI is extremely high when you register with Affluent Vivah.

Trustworthy and relentless services:

The privacy of information is extremely crucial in matchmaking and Affluent Vivah is such an agency that maintains complete confidentiality in terms of your personal demographics. This is such an agency which is tagged the most trustworthy agency for matchmaking, especially NRI matrimony, and has proved this over and over again.

It also continuously maintains its identity of affluent matchmaking and relentlessly delivers you the best service on every occasion.


When it is about finding the best match for your son or daughter, or maybe yourself, you want some professional agency to do it. Involving in the hectic search is not possible for you, but then it’s good that an agency like Affluent Vivah is at your service. It has simplified NRI matrimony and removed the barrier of distance between marriage aspirants.