Matrimonial Sites – Combining the Merits of Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage

Matrimonial Sites – Combining the Merits of Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage

“Marriages are made in heaven” ... Wait, are they? Come on, gone are the days when people depend on destiny and fate to choose their marriage partners. Certain countries and communities still believe in it, but then, each to his own. Whatever said and done, Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage, the basic point is that marriage is beautiful. It’s a union of two beings who come together and merge their individual life journeys as one. Whether it’s an Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage, the basic foundation of every marriage lies upon trust, understanding, equality, communication and a lot of love. I am not going to claim that one is better than the other, rather I am going to explore the advantages of both.

In Matrimony Sites, you may search the profiles for brides or grooms in India based on your preferences. You set up a meeting when you are fully convinced and satisfied with your choice for a life partner and hence reducing the chances of rejection. Through AffluentVivah - Matrimonial Site in India, you would not need to go through the process of meeting the person for marriage relation again and again as in case of traditional offline mode. The final meeting and marriage approval for matrimony for perfect matchmaking Indian brides or grooms is carried ahead by the parents and family members as in case of the traditional method. In this way, the Matrimonial Site in India such as AffluentVivaah combine the advantages of both the Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage. The chances of successful matchmaking are more as the preferred parameters are checked online. The girl or boy searches her or his life partner on the basis of the vital matchmaking parameters such as occupation, education, mother tongue region, religion, caste, sub-caste, etc.

Matrimonial Sites And Their Working Pattern

Now, there are many Matrimonial Site in India, some are only working on religion bases like Hindu Matrimonial, Sikh Matrimonial Sites, Gujarati Matrimonial and Muslims Matrimonial Sites, few are working on caste basis and some comprise every religion & caste etc. But the basic working pattern of almost every matrimonial site is the same in the way that the matrimonial profile is created with genuine information of profile and expectations from the life partners and then they show you results according to your information and expectations. One of the biggest advantages of matrimonial sites is — they are actually saving your precious time & money as well. Now you ? ? don’t have to roam in different places, print classifieds, negotiate with middlemen or your relatives to search a good life partner for your son or daughter. Through matrimonial sites, now everything is just within few clicks away inside your laptop screen. In the last, we can say that matrimonial sites in India have effectively managed to merge the Indian tradition with modernity with the help of technology.

Similarities between Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage

1.) Communication

2.) Mutual Respect

3.) Trust

4.) Shared Responsibilities

5.) Individual Space


Matrimonial Website AffluentVivaah has been created with an objective to provide a genuine platform that is safe and secure for all and built on trust. We understand the importance of security and privacy, and we do everything possible way to ensure you have a great online matrimonial experience with us. Our customer support team personally monitors and checks all profiles and photos that are submitted. If you have any query then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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