How effective are Indian matrimony websites?

Hello Readers! Of course, you are searching for matrimonial hence you come across with such blog which I am writing here. Before we proceed ahead need to understand the inception of Matrimonial Website in India. Both the Bharat matrimony and started their business in 1997 and 1995, respectively. Both founders have different perception towards the matrimonial market and need of an hour. Founder of found his company from the concept of Dalal (Brokers) searched for the people and they charge after wedding. But they have selected and limited profiles. While founder of Bharat matrimony found his company because he is looking for Bride from the USA and eventually, he could not get through the same. Found his better half from the odd locations from where generally south Indians never belongs.

Those era of matrimonial was tough because people were unaware of such concept. Also, internet was not widely spread in India before 2005. But as we hit to the Internet era after it is available easily to all people. These matrimonial websites used widely by the professional, business class or people who search for themselves exclusively. This was long back story before 2010. But let’s talk right now how these platforms work and how much they are effective.

Understand – Platforms are medium not solution:

As these platforms are working on huge databank and information of an individual. Basically, their Artificial Intelligence tries to share with you maximum number of profiles so that you stick to the platform. For sticking and using of the platform you need to pay fees by register yourself. To view numbers and to chat or connect with someone you need to pay some bucks of amount for certain period. So, these platforms basically gives you profiles and numbers. Not solutions. For solutions you need to work on yourself. Currently, decisions are taking by the candidates. They used to meet first and decide whether to move ahead or not. Most of the time due to lack of the understanding and experiences they miss the right candidates and fall in search. So, one need to work on the decision what they are looking for. Help of the parents are one of the important things if one can take that will help them to fall in to right family and candidate.

Platforms never check genuine intentions:

As data for the matrimonial profiles easily available from the society, family and friends. So as human tendency is very clear that whatever is free have no value. As we can also see the same in our attitude. If we get data in free, we used to see them as it is available and we list concern about them. Secondly, it has become now mind-set to see lots of bio-data and profiles. Even if you come across right candidate you may insist yourself that you look for more profiles. Your cravings for more and more options stick to such platforms. But looking of the many prospects do not mean you get align. You may also see to one profile and can final your life partner. Now, these sites are running on the basic concept of the many and many more options only. So, they need huge data bank and hence they never used to check genuine intentions. If those platforms check then profiles would be little less and likely affecting the business. So genuine profiles is big question mark on such website.

Platform used for multiple searches but difficult while taking decisions:

Dating application and matrimonial platforms are now resemble with each other. As users of the matrimonial website take profiles to look for many options. These platforms were used by many genuine people earlier but concept of dating was not much into fashion. As there is lots of influence of OTT channels, social media and other now a days youngsters believe that arrange marriage is outdated version of matrimonial. Hence, they are more fascinated towards such platforms and dating websites. Where one can search many profiles but when it comes to decision they failed. As many factors affected in taking decision like references between families, other financial and social aspects etc. If we talk about the current scenario then most of the youngsters follow these platform as dating website and not much serious about the decision. So search engines useful only to search for profiles but it has doubt of genuine interest.

Emotional Trauma for indecisive profiles:

As these are the service providing platforms. And as they are just medium, they cannot force nor convince for decisions. Hence many times even after having multiple meetings it has not turned up with the decision for matrimonial. Eventually it becomes emotional trauma for people who really search for themselves as they are serious in making decisions. Now, it is all upon us as a user how would use them and getting response for the same. Most important point is to learn about your own purpose and clarity for the preferences.

Why not traditional way of matrimonial:

As we are fall into circle of Modernisation and educated outlook. Hence, we denied many times traditional ways of finding match. But there is a need to ask question to self that it is important to deny traditional way of finding match. Why can’t we use methods where people know each other and they support them in search for matrimonial. Why can’t we look into those profiles referred us from the known circle. And we arrange meeting with them and moving to make a decision for life partner.   

If I can understand we can definitely look the profiles from platforms and many more married successfully through such sites as well. But again, there many loos fall in such matrimonial websites. So only it is users’ responsibilities for use of them effectively. 

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