How do describe myself when creating a profile on a matrimony site?

One of the most important things in searching life partner is making profile on matrimonial sites. Basically, profile in all sites is with the same format. As it contains Age, Height, Weight, Education very basic information about your details. Which looks monotonous while we check with the multiple options. And after looking at the relatively 5 to 7 profiles eyes and mind get tired with the same information. And in that process of looking at the profile we missed out the important information as well. So how do you make your own matrimonial profile? What does it contain? Why?

Matrimonial profile is about you:

While you are creating your own profile, you need to understand basic details will give an idea with the numeric data. Like Age, height, weight etc. But what about your nature or hobbies or interest level etc. When you write everything about yourself like how do you perceive your life, what is the meaning of your life so as to life partner all gives more information about yourself. But if you are just randomly writing information it may prove you wrong in your first meeting. As sensible people may judge you from your sincerity of making your own proposal. Be honest with the all data you write.

"About me" most important column:

"About me" means you describe well and perfectly who you are? It would be difficult sometimes to write about your own personal things but if you describe your nature and your hobbies as well future goals of your life then a person can get an idea who you are and how much sensible you are in searching life partner. Most important thing as a candidate you need to understand a person who reads your profile getting vibrations, feelings and connections for you. And then heshe can take further call. So “About me” is one of the most important columns to describe you and your life.

How do you describe about your family?

As most of the families now a days become nuclear. And a family have not more than 3 or 4 persons. You need to mention very clearly about your parents, their occupation and siblings’ details as well. Remember one thing while you detailed about your parent’s people would get a sense of family establishment. Also, another prospective person would like to find out about your parents like references and etc. As you are very young and in matrimonial your judgement is also based upon your references of your families hence it is quite obvious that you need to elaborate your family details. It makes easier for someone to communicate and find for yourself.

Social Media (What is your idea?)

During the matrimonial search I found many families even candidates would like to search more about the liked profile. Hence social media is one of the platforms to know more about the person’s details. However, it is most of the time giving misunderstanding about your profile. And hence necessarily make your platform useful enough if you want people can reach you out. But most important is keep your social media up to date. And show only things what you are what you have. And that should not be contradict to your profile. Social media is basically for the fun and marketing now a days. It is on my personal note that one should not judge a person through social media. What is your idea for the same?

Photographs and profile:

As now we are living in this technology world, we are more dependent on the visual senses. How a person looks like? How a person has his or her physics and beauty? And this will be a major call for many people to take into consideration for the profile. So, your photograph is your identity at first glance. Most of the time people take call from snaps and hence keep your snaps clear, with the full and half size. With the different outfits and also with proper lighting and yes without glasses. This is major important thing your need to take care.

Profile should not be contradicting your life:

Now a days people make their fake profile. As they think to get more response it is important to manipulate important information but you need to remember your truth and honesty comes first. How weak your profile may be had faith in yourself as you can definitely find a partner who understands you and you can live together. If you manipulating things at first may give wrong impression on the other part. But if you are truthful enough to understand your things you will get right partner with your compatibility.

Remember, your profile is your identity. To get more positive response do not manipulate your snaps, details and other important things. Once you get positive response but at the other hand you break the trust and behave dishonestly. You profile should contain everything about you. You should mention what you are and how you are. Along with the family details and your current status and position.

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