How Can You Pick Up The Right Person with

How Can You Pick Up The Right Person with

Of course any Matrimonial websites or Marriage Bureaus never make decisions on behalf of you. So you may have question immediately raised in mind that, “ what is their responsibilities then?,  Is it sharing data only?” so let me clarify your doubt as a Affluentvivah team as well and also from the side of all platforms.

How to pick right person?

First of all everyone keeps their Bio-data and Snaps ready through which you are getting basic idea about a person. But before you pick or choose any biodata you need to reflect on you. Who you are? What are the preferences you are looking for? Like education, height, weight, occupation, family background etc.Before we choose someone we need to choose what we are and how we are by nature. With the same practical aspects Affluentvivah is working. We try to understand your criteria and preferences you have. We share with you matching profiles and try to arrange meetings with the both the side consent. We put an effort continuously until you find partner. But as I told you decisions are of yours’.

Is Affluentvivah only share data like other websites?

No, We are sharing data as well we also share bonding and we create a rapport between the families. Majorlymatrimonial relationships are build up on honest and trust factors. We arrange that between you and other prospective families. Just sharing of data is not a cup of tea for Affluentvivah team. But we can involve both the families and try to arrange talks between them. This will help both the unknown to know each other personally.We have to put efforts till we find the correct life partner. We can share data as well as relations. Because marriage can be possible only on warm relations.

First meeting

Frankly current our internet era is blessings also but simultaneously it has created lots of hurdles as well.   Only sharing of the data and looking for the A4 size paper not solved the purpose of finalisation. But first meeting will help person to final a matter with the prospective candidates. So first meeting is a key to open door for matrimonial. Messaging and chatting now  a days in trend. We try to judge and figure out only through messages whether the person match with our tone or not. But when it comes to in person call we can take a call with the great deal with compatibility, nature and appearance. Unknown body language helps us to understand his vibrations and compatibility. That can be possible only in first meeting. As a Affluentvivah we are happy to arrange meetings between. We try to figure out and answers the questions and dilemma of person. Same way both the side of families. And we try to close their conversation in final decision. But again we make a bridge between and walk is their work.

How Affluentvivah is working?

For this question no need to write this Blog. But still people have in their mind how Affluentvivah is working. It is working only on Personalised way. We try to meet in person and understand your partner preferences and family values. We search for the database and we try to speak both the sides of the family to help them understand their criteria. We also try to give profiles on set preferences so you can meet them easily. That will help to take call with the correct partner.

Essence of our service is basically a personal touch. With the understanding that matrimonial never works without personal touch. And personal touch means to gel with family and parents. Cultivate understanding and give better profiles to them as per preferences. We still try to give human touch rather just staring at the profiles on screen and found nothing from many. We believe that matrimonial can be possible with few fruitful meetings. But matrimonial does not mean look so many and end up with nothing.

Hypothetical to Reality

Now there is a trend where people has high expectations. Like parents of daughters are looking for Bunglow, car lavish life style. While Son’s parents are looking for beauty and education etc. So for everyone outer look and show off is more important. In addition to this now a days visa status played a big role as people do not want to get marry to human but with visa as well. That also makes lots of hurdles in selecting right candidate for themselves. We as a Affluentvivah team little sounds upfront but we give comparison between  hypothetical preferences and reality. We decide life partner based on our and the person mutual values and culture. What are the common things which can be so important to match and to stay together for whole life. What are the common goals which can be achieved together. But outer part of the matrimonial comes secondary not priority. So our job also to tell you what is right for you. Just not share profiles to please you.

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