How can AFFLUENTVIVAH helps you to find your dream partner?

How can AFFLUENTVIVAH helps you to find your dream partner?

Life partner is everyone’s need and search with lots of specifications. We reached to Moon and Mars. We also technologically so advanced that we can live our life with people less and with the technology more. But when it comes to Life partner we need human touch. We want someone to introduce the other. We want someone to introduce ourself to someone to whom we are unknown. We generally find people across our nearby communities or locations.

But now with the varied preferences we are looking for everything in everyone. We are looking outer looks, education, money, status, house, life style family etc. And that is why now it is difficult to find a person within our range. Top of all we all are now scattered at many locations and in many countries. So it is again challenging task to find partner at unknown and another location. So now you may have question how to find partner?

How does Affluentvivah helps in finding them? What are the difference between other sites and Affluentvivah portal? Let’s talk about those questions.

First you might have overwhelmed while searching partner on online platform. You might have questions how to deal with an unknown? How this process helps me that can reach to a right person?

Answers are quite easier. First, make your crystal clear bio-data and have some decent and clear pictures in it. Try to be the same person on the piece of paper as you are in your life. Do not over emphasise your credentials. But rather be what you are. It is important for a boy to write about his education and occupation very clearly.

Along with the same do write your income that will create clarity in girl’s parents mind. I know people may judge you from income. But just give an energy to people whom you like and at the end you found your Income level is not matching. This is a simple example.

The same way girl should mention clearly about their perspective for family, goals and occupational details as well. That makes quite clear picture in someone’s eye how would you like to perceive your life. Your bio-data is your identity and it makes your first impression. Keep family photo as well will help others to know more about you and your family.

Affluentvivah emphasis on these important information and to clarify those are matching credentials with actual candidate, Affluentvivah team used to meet people. They generally talk to them and try to figure out their Psychology so matching can be done easily. Affluentvivah team is people centric and human touch based service. Just not get registered anyone and let them enjoy their platform to play with someone’s emotions. After all it is a matter of someone’s life.

Second important question is how Affluentvivah helps to get unknown to known?

Any platform now a days provide lots of bio-data and details for the prospective candidates. But the biggest problem is they never verified the actions of the profile. Many people use this platform to make another people fool. Like they play with their emotions. They date with them and talked long on call but indecisive. These kind of acts one can’t stop but can aware about them and manage the profile.

While Affluentvivah works differently. It only asked people who are really ready to get align with someone. Of course there is no benchmark but yet it is easier to find their intentions. It is important for candidate and parents both to be in communication with team. Any of them can’t come and registered to check and intact with the genuinely of the profile and intentions of the person.

We also meet people in person and try to know them so we can give them better match. We find them and share so both can meet. Before meeting we ask families to follow the process that both the parents should talk. And then both candidates involved in meeting. So at least some known things came out before meeting. This small act of communication helps both unknown people to know more about themselves.

Third important question as middle person conversation helps families to know better to move forward. In this Era of internet we find lots of details on social media and other details about person. Most of the time we become judgemental.

We find them not fit even before meeting. So we say no. We reject them so easily as so many options can clicks the mind. But Affluentvivah helps you to make understand about person. Also, it figures out what gives better to whom. While even after meeting both are waiting for each other team helps them to reconnect.

To help them to know more about each other. Affluentvivah team also helps to make them understand between hypothetical and reality of the life. That is how we earn lots of Success Stories. We as a team not work as just platform but to help you as your family member. Who guides you, push you and deal with your confusions as well.

As a team we believe in making a good society. Our Success Stories are gift to society. We deal with emotions. We strongly believe that with the emotions only one can do business. Business means relationship with the like-minded people. They exist till end of the breath.

Hope you search your dream partner and we may become the part of your journey.

Best of Luck for your successful Journey. Best wishes from Affluentvivah Team.

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