Elite Matchmaking in India

Elite Matchmaking in India

The matchmaking services are available in abundant in almost every city of India. This may be a good sign for people looking for a perfect match but the oversupply of services has created a problem. There is competition among matchmaking agencies. They fight on price and load their clients with hundreds of biodata. This is not professionalism that the elite class of India is looking forward too. High-class people expect customized service and personal attention to them. And they should be, as they end up paying a huge amount for the same. However, in the matrimonial industry, Elite Matchmaking in India is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, we, at Affluent Vivah, have curated ourselves in the past four years as an exclusive agency providing matrimonial services to the selected people. We have an exclusive data bank of professionals, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, etc. who are at the peak of their successful life and looking forward to sharing the success with their partners to be.

We understand that selection of a life partner is a personalised matter. You need time to think. Unlike other portals, we never overload our clients with a huge database. We understand the society you belong to and extend you only those profile that matches your expectations.

AFFLUENT VIVAH Elite Matchmaking Agency

It is evident that in the presence of numerous online matchmaking portals, one can get lost. It gets difficult to make the decision which portal should be the right one. If you belong to an elite class you should select the matrimonial agency that meets the class. Affluent Viviah is an Elite Matchmaking Agency that is established to provide personalized services to the rich and famous. We do not rely on computer-based algorithms to select a life partner. We only do customized matchmaking involving human touch and emotions. Our process starts with the one on one meeting with the bride/groom to be, we understand his/her nature, the preferences, the taste, family, their values, etc. Once we are sure about these, then only we start recommending a suitable match.

Over the past years, we have developed a huge network in the privileged class across India. In the journey, we proved right on our belief that matchmaking or marriage is not only about the two people tying the knot but it is a union of two families, values, and lifestyle. Considering the same we always take our job in hand seriously. We do a deep and thorough background check of all individuals and families that are registered with us before we began Elite Matchmaking in India. We have developed our checklist and strict guideline for this process. You need not worry about anything once the biodata is shared with you.

Apart from being a leading Elite Matchmaking Agency, we also provide end to end solutions to all your matrimonial needs. From finding the soul mate to arranging the first meeting, booking the venue for the royal destination wedding, etc. fall under our service portfolio. For more details contact us now.