Effective Criteria for creating Online Matrimonial Profile

Effective Criteria for creating Online Matrimonial Profile

It can be a challenging task to create an attractive profile on matrimonial websites, especially when you know that your aim is to find a life partner. Since it is a big deal, you want to get everything right because you want to end up with the perfect partner. The key to remember is that you should keep things brittle and short and only focus on things needed by a Matrimonial profile for getting attention. An interesting matrimonial profile allows the right people to visit your profile and approach you for a chat or further conversation.

Just registering on the Matrimonial Site is not enough to search for a suitable bride or groom, it is important to have a good impacting profile that would talk about you in a useful manner. To have an effective Matrimonial profile, there are certain guidelines following which you would be able to create a genuine and powerful profile. Always remember that your prospective mate is going to judge you on the basis of what you have written on your profile. So make sure that you come across as interesting and sincere.


Here are a few things you can do to make sure you have created an effective online Matrimonial Profile :-

1.) Opt for a good profile picture: A picture is worth a thousand words’

Do the photos you’ve put up show off the ‘best’ you? Have you even bothered to upload a picture onto your profile? Because, according to statistics, the profiles with a photo gets more hits rather than one without. Post a good portrait photo as well as full length photo. In an Indian matrimonial set up, you can choose to put up photos of yourself in Indian wear as well as the type of attire you are seen wearing on a routine basis. Most people who don’t have a picture are only looking to scam others, which means a picture can make a difference. So it is important to upload a good picture of you as it will make an impact on you.

2.) Complete your profile

Make sure the information that you provide is specific, precise and complete. Avoid overstatement, too many adjectives and beating around the bush describing hobbies. A lot of people only choose to enter basic information like name, age and gender and leave the rest empty, but this doesn’t help in your search. Every detail can make a difference in finding the best partner so you need to complete your profile as soon as possible.

3.) Be clear with your details

It is important that the words you use to describe yourself on the profile are breakable, interesting and faithful. What you write on your profile has a major effect on whether people who visit your profile will continue to stay on it or not. This is your space, make the most of it to convey who you really are. It is good to explain your vision and hobbies to find out like-minded people, but too much description is a turn-off. While preparing your bio, do keep in mind that honesty is very important.

4.) Confident yet Vulnerable

Escape confidence in one part of your profile, while making yourself vulnerable in another, is an art. But there is a fine line between being confident and coming across as arrogant. Although baring your soul online is a no-no, there are small ways you can make show your vulnerable side without pouring your heart out. Vulnerabilities make you look more approachable and relatable as an actual person with flaws, rather than the perfect person you’re trying so hard to come across as.

5.) Check Regularly

Try and stay as active as you can on your profile. Late responses do not give a good impression at all. Rather it gives a highly negative impression on you. Try logging into the site every day or at least every alternate day. It helps to know how your profile gets views. The more you are anxious on browsing, the fast you may reach your goal with the desired profile.

6.) Be Honest

Write about your expectations and desires that will help everyone narrow down the choices based on preferences of one person. Remember to check your profile for language grammatical mistakes as it does not give a very good idea about a person.



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