Do matrimonial sites really work?

Do matrimonial sites really work?

Let’s talk about social media first. Social media where we got lots of information about many people whom we connect just sake of connection. We do not know them personally but we impressed by their photographs specially and we just like as it gives us some immense intense feeling of goodness. Which obviously persists for while we scroll the screen. Why we do that? Actually, if you try to know or little curious about mind than mind always needs information sorry, I mean knowledge.


Because it works with the Central Nervous System and it fulfil the work of all our senses (Basically Indriyas). There is whole science behind that. Now we just take that information we just keep, like it and move on. Because we are not serious, we just do some sort of time pass and move on. But what about matrimonial sites. Do matrimonial sites really work?

Matrimonial sites is just a platform where people would like to connect with the common cause. Marriage. It provides and facilitates you with the bio-data, snaps and profiles. And many couple joined and having good marital life. But that era was different. In that era of 2000 year of after we blasted with Internet explosion. And all of sudden we knew lots of things in our finger tips.

But still that internet facilities were for few people who were real professionals, educated and internet was a need of their hour. But then later we found internet accessible to every stage of the people. And with that they can easily access to any website as those are free and no one checks authenticity. As those websites worked only for Artificial Intelligence.

So real trouble started with the people who genuinely look for their marriage. They tend to get profiles who looks good on paper but actual scenarios are very different. If we can understand this with an example like everyone is happy in social media. But no one puts up actual dilemma of their emotions. In fact, one of the Psychological Fact that a human who feels lonely spent more time on social media. Now with the matrimonial website one can go through thousands of the profiles means options?

Many and more options. And start getting confused for real person. As it is accessible to all stages of people any one can portray him businessman or so. But in reality, things are different. This has included more hatred feeling towards this marriage system. Because people get annoyed when one response, they list bother to give them an answer for “NO”.

I heard man people they told at least one can say NO what is wrong in that. But at least I should get an answer. Whole youth feel pity and parents feel bad for putting efforts for their children by paying lots of money. At the end there is nothing.

Second trouble “OPTIONS ARE ALWAYS AVAILBLE” which looks like gloomy picture against real scenario. Because out of thousands of profiles we hardly get people whom we count on our finger tips. But we always into dream world that I am getting lots of option I can choose out of them.

Same thing happened when you really get partner a matching one but still you have an idea in mind to let me see options. And we keep that person aside and things get worse which these platforms always want you to look at their portals all the time.

Third no human touch. If you are really emotional hurt say you like someone’s bio-data and the other person says no or not giving response. You feel hurt and feel like to whom I shared my feelings. You become anxious to get response for the no response which force you to log in hundred times a day to particular portal. Of course, this is not serving your purpose.

Another thing you really that time need feedback for your profile in which parameter you are lacking but no one there to guide you. In that dilemma you either take decision for wrong person or stop looking for proposals. This is how these portals are working. We need to understand our emotional nature and act but us just crazily looking for the portals.

Mobiles get us connect to fast. We really do not get much time to think in depth for partner with whom we need to spent time. We really talk to people casually without sensible outcome. Either we end up with them by formal hi n hello or either we involve so deep that we feel like that person is everything. But in real scenario quick fix get things hampered a lot. These portals want to show that picture of quick fix. As if you come here search n share details and let’s get align. But reality is very much different.

Scroll, scroll and scroll. Lots of bio data dumb at your small screen make you blind. Because our senses have also many restrictions of getting so much information from outside world. Top of the same these portals giving you chat option for free and people get connect and eventually found from bit conversation bye-bye feelings. This has given hurting emotions for the person who really look for partner.

Who will check genuinely looking for marriage? No one from the portals. Anyone can register free but this free cause you so much result is your life. People casually talk as if dating someone talking n talking. But when it comes for serious decision-making things falls down.

They lost themselves somewhere at corner of the world and block interested one. Matrimonial website has now a days more disadvantages than having more advantageous. We are not here for looking for many options. Do we really get option of another human? We only build them up and we need to think for them as it builds up our life and society.

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