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We all know how hard it has become to find a perfect match nowadays. Especially when it comes to Elite class the process of finding the person who is Rich, Well Cultured, Well Educated becomes a tedious task. We at Affluent Vivaah which is an elite matrimonial website, try to find perfect soulmates for you.

If you are searching for the best suitable life partner for you and want to find the best soulmate match in less time then we can help you. Our endorsements are those people who are happy with our services and suggest others to go with our services. Finding the best life partner is very important in your life because all of your life depends on this. It is said that “Bride Groom Pairs are Made in Heaven” but still your one wrong step can ruin your whole life so please, let us find the right life partner for you.

Elite Matchmaking Agency in India
Elite Matchmaking Agency in India

Nowadays in taking decision regarding marriage not only parents but also youths take prominent role. They are seeking to find a beautiful work-life balance, and they are ready to take this step with their life partner. A job with high payout can assure you of Profesional Success in Life and you can change your job also if you don't like it. But when it comes to marriage you can choose your life partner only once. on one side a good Life partner can make your life very beautiful and happy and on another side a bad decision of yours can make your life worst than hell.

Nowadays searching life partner on matrimonial websites is simply a waste of time because they only work on AI-based matches and don't have any personal touch to them. These matrimonial portals in India do not check for the authenticity of a person so, many people have provided their fake details. The inception of Affluent Vivaah took place to save our member’s time, and the difficulties that they face for finding a right elite match. We try to bring back the human element in Elite matchmaking by our unique suggestion mechanism. Our Experts personally supervise every profile and its credentials.

Our Founder

It all started with the unique working style and research work of Ms. Purvangi Shukla in the field of elite matchmaking in India. She has a decade long rich professional experience of matchmaking with one of the well-known Matrimonial portals in India. She has been an illustrious relationship manager and expert who has been working in this field with full dedication and heart. She is also a motivational speaker and a great influencer for the potential grooms and brides and helps them to set their preferences right. Ms. Shukla invests in looking each and every profile she gets personal. She loves to spend hours exploring the nature, values, and preferences of bride or grooms to be and their families allowing her to minimize her efforts in looking for suitable profile.


Our Philosophy

Elite Matchmaking

Each profile added to our elite matchmaking website goes through a thorough check under the hands of our experts. First we will have a meeting with the clients where we will discuss the client’s preferences and requirements for a future husband or wife. We understand the importance of this decision in your life and are fully dedicated to serve you with commitment and Matriculate attention. Hopefully, this meeting will bring a new happy beginning to your life.

Affluent Vivah is a professionally managed elite matchmaking service dedicated to providing exquisite matchmaking experience not only in India but the network expands to NRIs as well who are spread across over the globe. A number of renowned industrial and business Indian families, celebrities, sports personalities, and public figures in India and from abroad have found life partners for their younger generation through Affluent Vivah. We take pride in introducing ourselves as elite matchmaking agency in India for all communities. We render our services to Punjabis. Maheshwari, Brahmins, Sindhis, Gujaratis, Agarwal and more.

Elite Matchmaking

Our Team

Elite Matchmaking

We have Experienced Professional Experts on our elite matchmaking agency in India who have come together to serve the new concept of matchmaking on our elite matchmaking website. Because of lot of experience and exposure to the individual cases for a long time they have an eye for detecting authenticity and matchmaking according to individuals profile. You can contact our experts if you want to ask anything, they will be more than happy to help you.